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Where to Go from Andaz Singapore and Which Room or Suites Suit Your Style?


Where to Go from Andaz Singapore and Which Room or Suites Suit Your Style

Do you plan to stay in the Andaz Singapore hotel? Then you must be a person with such good taste. Everyone agrees that this hotel is one of the most charming hotels in the city. Situated at Fraser St, Singapore, it is easy to reach this hotel because of its good location.

Where To Go When You Visit Andaz Singapore?

As is mentioned earlier, Andaz Singapore is close to several places. They include:

  • Parkview Museum

This museum never runs out of traffic. It is the most popular destination for someone who likes art. Or who wants to witness contemporary artworks, like paintings and statues.

  • Fountain of Wealth

Yes, this biggest fountain in the world is always becoming the most wanted place to visit by millions of people worldwide. Located in Suntec City, guests at Andaz can reach it within walking distance because it is only 500 meters away.

  • Malay Heritage Center

This is the place where tourists can witness one of the most outstanding kinds of culture in Singapore. It is less than 1km, so Andaz’s guests can just reach this place on foot.

  • National Library Singapore

As the biggest library in the city, this place always becomes one of the most visited places in Singapore. Of course, all guests from Andaz Singapore won’t want to miss the chance in visiting it.  

Which Room or Suite to Stay?

Once you check Andaz Singapore’s website, you will be amazed at the hotel’s suites and rooms. All of them meet the demand of any guest who expects to relish elegantly design rooms with excellent views of either Singapore city or Marina Bay. So, if you plan to visit Singapore, then you might consider which rooms or suites to choose in this hotel. Choices of rooms in this one of the best hotel staycation Singapore include:


  • Rooms With King Bed

King Bedrooms include King Bed, King Bed With City View, King Bed with City View Deluxe, King Bed Accessible, King Bed With Bay View Deluxe. All of those guestrooms have a king-size bed and a day bed, with an en suite bathroom with a shower. But it has no bathtub. Of course, floor-to-ceiling windows frame adorable panoramas of the hotel’s surroundings.

  • Rooms With Twin Beds

Twin Beds rooms include Twin Beds, Twin Beds With Bay View, and Twin Beds Deluxe. As the name implies, this guestroom consists of twin beds and a day bed, with similar amenities like all King Bed.  


  1. Andaz Studio Suite King
  2. Andaz Residence Suite King
  3. Andaz Large Suite King
  4. Andaz Residence Suite Twin
  5. Presidential Suite

All of those suites are equipped with more complete amenities than rooms. All of them offer city views through the giant, floor-to-ceiling windows. All of those suites have an additional living room as well as a bathtub and double sink vanities.

Making Reservations

Already interested to stay in Andaz Singapore? Make sure you check the availability because most guests should make an advanced booking. Choose the best rooms or suites that suit your taste and needs, and welcome heaven’s world right in front of you!

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